Decal’s world is decalcification
Always has been. Always will be. We’re the only manufacturer to offer a comprehensive line of decalcifiers—to give you the speed, strength and composition you need. And we’re committed to building a collective knowledge base and support system that helps pathology labs everywhere to decalcify better and make better slides. It’s just the newest manifestation of our 50-year heritage of helping make the world a more beautiful place one slide at a time.

How it started

At Decal, we get our best ideas from the histologists and pathologists we serve. It’s been that way since we began making decalcifier back in 1957. Back then, there wasn’t a premixed decalcifier to be found anywhere. Our founder, Henry Berger, got the idea for the first manufactured decalcifier from his mother, a histotech.

It was a smart move listening to his market, and his mother. Within XX years, the company’s sales topped XX bottles and he had over XX hospitals as clients. Our culture of listening and always keeping the patient central to everything we do has endured for over half a century. When our current president, Cliff Berger bought Decal from his father in 1985, our mission and culture took a new turn when we introduced the first full line of decalcifiers. By offering histotechs a choice of chemical agents and enabling them to pick the ready-made decalcifier to best suit their timeline and specimen type, we are able to satisfy the varying needs of histotechs better than ever.

Listening to the needs of histotechs and understanding their challenges and their world is a family commitment for us. Our clients know they can rely on us for solutions that deliver consistency from the purity of their ingredients and precision formulation. Just as our first clients relied on us for decalcifers that delivered beautiful slides, so too do our current clients.

We see today’s greatest opportunities in helping to establish and share best practices for decalcification throughout the histotech community. We’re still listening to the needs of our customers, but today, in addition to responding with products, we’re sourcing our expertise and the know-how of the entire histotech community to provide answers and educational materials. Listening and sharing is the key to getting everyone performing to higher standards. And that’s a beautiful goal any way you slice it.

We have chemistry with some of the world’s most renowned labs

Many of the world’s finest pathology labs rely on Decal’s full line of decalcification products for the varying needs of their laboratory. Our hands-on approach to service and support has fostered relationships stretching back for decades. Isn’t it time you experienced the Decal difference for yourself? Start now.

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